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Recovering phosphorus with REMONDIS’ TetraPhos® process

Phosphorus is a particularly vital resource – no form of life on our planet can survive without it. And yet phosphorus is in short supply across the world and global reserves of this vital element are located in just a small number of countries. The German legislator has decided, therefore, that this finite raw material must be recovered from municipal sewage sludge from 2029 onwards. Thanks to REMONDIS’ TetraPhos® process, there is already an economically viable way of doing this today. The world’s first ever industrial-scale phosphorus recovery plant was completed in 2021 as part of a Public Private Partnership with the City of Hamburg.

Our augmented reality app – experience first-hand how phosphorus is recovered!

Discover the world of phosphorus recycling and find out first-hand what individual steps need to be taken to recover this resource – with our augmented reality app. This virtual experience is based on a phosphorus recovery facility operated using REMONDIS’ TetraPhos® process. By scanning the image with the help of the AR app, phosphorus recycling can become a three-dimensional, visual and vivid experience. A whole variety of details are given, which people can dip into and out of as they please. Simply download the app, scan the printed graphic and you’re off!

100 % phosphorus recycling from the annual sewage sludge produced in Germany corresponds to a carbon footprint of 27 million trees.

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